We're Creating a Faith-Based Community

You're invited to our local church in West Chester, OH

Joining a church can bring greater faith, community, and connection into your life. At The Father's House, you can build your relationship with Jesus, listen to His voice and find support and friendship in the congregation. We hold church services for a growing community in West Chester, OH.

For more than 10 years, we've been worshipping with people from West Chester, Fairfield, Liberty Township, Mason and Sharonville. We also connect with a larger community through the Spirit Forward Conference.

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Would you like to add faith-based messages to your feed? You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. You'll find deep conversations, positive messages and opportunities to connect with others at our local church.

Get involved at The Father's House

You'll find many opportunities to grow in your faith at our local church. Our community offers:

Church services
Programs for children and teenagers
Gatherings for meals, discussions, prayer and worship

Plus, you can worship and learn with us wherever you are. We host a podcast, share sermons on YouTube and stream our church services on Facebook.

To get involved with The Father's House, contact us today. You can call 513-336-0339 or use the form on the Visitors page to email us. You're also welcome to attend a service.